Friday, August 30, 2013

A new article by Clara!

This week has seen the start of Beatrice's HIV/ AIDS sessions which are being well received with a large number of women turning up for each session.  These sessions have been in place of our English lessons this week and we have been using our extra time for further research and our final supervisions. Emily has been e-mailing and finding out further about the possibilities of fairtrade while Hannah has began to look at the possibilities of environmental grants or funding for the introduction of renewable energy. She is finding this a particularly enjoyable task and has found interesting documents to help her in her search, including one written by Christian Aid on how renewable energy can reduce poverty.

Michael went for a meeting with Ives in regards to the ISO food quality standard certification. However the meeting was cancelled so hopefully they will have a chance to go another week. They had more success luckily when they went to see the Ministry of Human Rights to finishing establishing the partnership with Djigui Espoir. This was a very beneficial meeting as they were able to leave the last documents the Ministry normally needs. This partnership would be a great opportunity for Djigui as we could later on access specific funding.

On Thursday Michael and Ives spent the day in the production room going through the final copy of the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to check that all stages of production had been put in the manual.

I have continued to e-mail packaging companies regarding drink cartons and the possibility of partnerships with Djigui. I have also helped out with the cereal production which is great fun and the sifting of the cereal through the big sieves builds your arm muscles up!  I have also given an IT lesson to Evelyne refreshing her on how to use GMAIL and Google search and translation.  

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