Friday, August 30, 2013

Ives' testimony!

I am Ives Ouedraogo, in country volunteer. I originally found out about IS during my internship at Djigui Espoir.

I had the opportunity of working with the IS volunteers even though I wasn’t a volunteer myself, hence I couldn’t be more thankful to Boukar√© Kouanda (team leader in that period) for accepting me in his team.

In January 2013 I joined the ICS program and I stayed at Djigui for the placement. My first placement wasn’t difficult because I knew the environment and already had some knowledge about the organization.
The work at Djigui with the international volunteers has been a good experience. So far I have had the opportunity of learning more about different professional fields, which has allowed me to gain more confidence. I like the enthusiasm that each volunteer has in order to achieve our objectives. With the IS program you become more responsible as they entrust you with different responsibilities and you face different challenges. One of the things I worked on and helped Djigui Espoir with was the implementation of the USADF project which was quite complex and even sometimes I stayed up throughout the night in order to meet deadlines. However when I accomplish these it made me feel very satisfied with myself.

With the international volunteers I can improve my English. We also have cultural exchanges, which has helped me learn different things about the UK. I have had the opportunity of visiting London without having to leave Burkina Faso.

The work at Djigui with the disabled women has helped me understand an important thing: “it’s not because you are disabled that you are different. In life everyone is different and unique”.

Currently it’s my third placement with a new team leader. For the moment the work is good and together we have the same dream, which will help us to achieve wonderful things for the association before December. As Obama says: “yes we can”.


  1. Hi Ives, glad things are going well. Its good to hear about your experiences from the perspective of a national volunteer.

  2. Congratulation Ives, I'm proud to you and as I always say only your own experience can build your futur!