Friday, August 30, 2013

Michael's story!

The weeks have flown by and now we find ourselves in our 7th week working with the women at Djigui Espoir; and even now the ideas on what we can do to help and make a change are still flowing within the team.

On Monday Clara, Ives and Beatrice went to a meeting regarding solar panels and the costs. Emily worked on fairtrade - she carried on going through the documents they had sent us on the standards we need to meet and she then put together a series of questions that she could ask them. Hannah checked replies from supermarkets she contacted regarding selling our products. She then worked on the Djigui catalogue and an order form; she also looked through the application for comic relief for Djigui to be able to apply in the future.

I myself re-emailed  UK fund for Charity regarding advice and started updating the official websites and blogs for Djigui. I started looking at what was on it already, what could be improved and also what needed updating. The website address is www.djiguiespoir.webs.com. I also looked at the blog set up for Djigui that has a profile on the Djigui women. This is a very interesting read as it gives you an insight on the women here and the lives. The blogs address is www.femmesdedjiguiespoir.wordpress.com.

On Tuesday we did 2 more debates. Every week we are given a number of debate subjects by our team leader and we have to discuss the subject and come up with a conclusion. The debates are interesting and you have the chance to see everybody's point of view as well as the national volunteers' views on situations too. As well as that Emily carried on her work on fairtrade. Clara carried on her research around renewable energy and sent a few emails out to companies about cardboard packaging for the Djigui products. Hannah did some english lessons with a couple of the women here. I also tried contacting the NHS in the UK to see if we could get any advice on the health of the Djigui women and also seeing if there was any opportunities for them to send over and equipment for the women here for example wheelchairs e.t.c

On Wednesday I carried on working on the Djigui website and also the Djigui blog. Because Clara was off from work because she was ill, Hannah and Emily took over the work she was doing on renewable energy. They both started looking for grants available that could help us get renewable energy for example solar panels

On Thursday we weren't at work because it was a bank holiday as here they celebrate the assumption of Virgin Mary as a national holiday.

On Friday I continued with my work on updating the Djigui's website and blog. Hannah and Emily have also continued their work on finding grants for renewable energy and contacting people that could help. Hannah on top of that started writing a list for Madame TOE describing the benefits of renewable energy and why Djigui should consider getting it. We also had another debate to round of the week.

As you can see there are many exciting things that will be keeping us all busy for the next few weeks. So keep your eyes peeled for the next blog entry.

                                                    Michael Charles

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