Friday, August 9, 2013

My experience with the ICS programme - by Bere, Beatrice

I am a national volunteer for International Service in Burkina Faso. I joined the programme, the international citizen service (ICS) in January 2013. I will be working with them for one whole year. During my time on the ICS program, I have worked for one of the partners of IS, Coaching for Hope and for the next half of the year, I will be working with the partner organization Djigui Espoir.
            At the beginning of my placement with Coaching For Hope, I received one week of training in football coaching and HIV/AIDS. This training gave me the skills to teach in schools and training centers. This experience has also allowed me to work closely with teenagers, young people and adults who have disabilities which have included visual impairments, as well as physical and mental disabilities.
            From working with ICS, I have come to see how commendable and helpful the work here in Burkina Faso is. Having had the opportunity to work aside people with disabilities has made me realize just how much help and support they need and with the help of the ICS volunteers how much has begun to be achieved.
            My placement at Djigui Espoir began on the 8th of July this year. On the first day we met with Jean Pascal, our programme manager and we talked about how our presence at Djigui could help the organization achieve its objectives. He also told us that the first week at Djigui was to get know the members of the organization and their daily routines. We began working the following week on the Monday morning. We arrived at Djigui at 7.00a.m to help the women clean the production room and wash the machines for the production of soja milk and Tokan. The production began at around 9a.m. This was a great opportunity to see how products are made and to give us skills in the production sector.

            Thanks to Seraphine, the manager in charge of the soya section, we were given a great introduction regarding the production process here at Djigui, which gave us the opportunity to learn it for ourselves.           

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