Friday, August 9, 2013

My first blog article, by Clara Thierry

Feeling great after a restful weekend recovering from being ill last week I was full of energy for getting back to work again this week.  Monday was a busy and productive day and I managed to continue with preparing English Lessons and helping correct Beatrice’s blog she’d written in English. In the late morning I went through to help with the production of soy milk I was put to work screwing the lids onto the bottles of fresh soy milk, after tens of bottles my fingers began to blister! But I enjoyed very much my time with the women and tried to practice my Moore with them! Making it all worth it and hopefully by the end of the 3 months my hands will have toughened up! We found out however that we would have to fundraise £650 by next week for the Taiwanese who are coming to install the machines next week. This was very stressful discovery and Hannah and Emily spent the day looking for possibilities of emergency funds and sending messages on twitter to people involved in International Development.

On the Tuesday we had a very early start being up at 4:30am! This was to go to Ziniare (a town 40 minutes away) to celebrate International Service’s 60th anniversary at one of our partner organisations called Kabeela. It was a lovely celebration which included traditional African music which turned to modern African pop by the afternoon! And both came with lots of dancing from the international and national volunteers!  After a lunch of traditional tasty Burkinabe food I played in the women’s football match with the other IS volunteers against Kabeela’s team.

On the Wednesday we provided English and French lessons to the women in the afternoon. I was given one pupil for the beginners English, the very cute 7 year old daughter of one the women who works at Djigui, keeping her entertained for an hour was a challenge! But using paint on the computer to cover colours was enjoyed and had the added benefit of combing IT and language lessons in one!  Hannah took intermediate English which she found really fun and is excited now knowing what the level the women are at and knowing that they want to learn verbs for this Friday.

On Thursday we had a meeting with the professionals from NottsCounty and Npower who have come to offer their professional skills to the partner organisations of IS. This was a very interesting introduction and I look forward to their sessions being held at Djigui next week. In the afternoon we had a discussion with our national volunteers on the questions asked by International Service on whether we feel volunteering is beneficial to development. This was a great way to get to know our national volunteers, especially one who is generally very shy with his English. He really came out of his shell and gave very insightful opinions putting into practice his English which was not bad at all! 

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