Monday, March 3, 2014

Press release

Scunthorpe School Show Support for West African Development Projects
Press Release

Last week, Frederick Gough School in North Lincolnshire flew to Burkina Faso to show outstanding support for various development projects they have been fundraising for. Seven pupils accompanied by three teachers travelled to the capital, Ouagadougou for a five day visit to projects supported by York based development charity, International Service.  
Among those projects was Djigui Espoir, an association of disabled women based in Ouagadougou. Djigui Espoir is primarily a food production business that produces soya products such as tofu and soya milk. The association provides jobs for disabled women in a society that makes it close to impossible for disabled people to find paid work.
Founder of Djigui Espoir, Madame Toe, comments “we are extremely grateful to Frederick Gough School for donating a motorbike to Djigui Espoir. The impact of their donation will have a lasting positive impact because it will allow us to sell our produce to more people in the wider community. We have been in need of a reliable vehicle for some time and it is a relief that we finally have one”.

Madame Marie Dominique Toé, a disabled woman herself, founded Djigui in 1995 and over the years Djigui has successfully grown into a team of 33 members, although unfortunately there are still not enough funds to allow them to pay all members a wage. The school also donated medical supplies and solar lamps for the women to use.

Jody Lowe a teacher from Frederick Gough comments “We chose to support projects in Burkina specifically because we wanted to raise awareness for a country that is not generally focussed on in the UK. The whole journey, from fundraising to visiting Burkina Faso has been extremely rewarding and I would like to think that all the pupils have been very humbled by their experience. I hope we will all continue our work to help people in need on our return”.

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