Monday, March 3, 2014

Weeks 6 and 7 - Bobo, bobo bobo, bobo bobo, bobo - there's no limits!

A new recipe prototype! Tokan Satay with
lime and ginger
What a couple of weeks! It’s all hands on deck in the office, as the last few days have been totally occupied by the beginnings of preparation for the Djigui open day. A few meetings and discussions about food and entertainment have brought us to realise that we’ve set ourselves a fairly monumental task. All the usual work has been moving on well, as usual. The French text book is looking more and more professional by the day; thanks to Pippa, we have some great looking flyers and posters ready for the open day; and new recipe ideas and tasters are coming thick and fast. We’re planning on making a few new flavours and takes on the classic Djigui brochettes, so we can offer a kind of ‘tasting menu’ of canapés on March 15th.

So what else has been happening? The speed with which the kiosk is being set up is astonishing, the awning is clad in nice, sturdy fabric; and the cement floor in front built, dried and polished. And last but not least, the kiosk and kitchen are getting cleared up and kitted out with everything we could possibly need! Thanks to Laura’s amazing fundraising efforts, and the wonderful people at The Pottergate Centre, Alnwick, we now have another £620 to spend on a new grill, gas and other necessities.

Serge beautifully modelling our new products!
What’s more is that we’ve now got two new products packaged and ready to sell! Our signature Djigui piment and instant Bissap powder are on sale now for 300 FCFA per sachet, and are already proving popular!

The ladies showing off some of their new kit! Huge thanks to
the Frederick Gough School.
In other news, last week included a visit from some students and teachers from the Frederick Gough school in Scunthorpe. We're still truly overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness, giving the Djigui women a huge host of gifts and useful items. They all agreed it was like Christmas had come early this year!

Pippa sampling some fresh traditional Dolo (millet beer).
 Now, to the weekend! Last week flew by, and was topped off by an amazing weekend visit to Burkina’s second city, Bobo Dioulasso! A truly fascinating place, with a much more ‘small town’ feel than Ouaga. Many of us agreed that it was one of our most memorable weekends; including visits to the famous Grand Mosque, the old-town (teaming with artisans selling their wares), the sacred river catfish of Bobo, the Grand Marché, and last but not least, a nerve racking viewing of some Hippos in the wild! The only drag was the 5 hour coach journey to and from, but laden with touristy souvenirs and trinkets bought using our new found haggling skills, we all got back to Ouaga thoroughly content (if a little exhausted).
The famous Grande Mosque is more impressive than we could have imagined...

And now we’ve got another fantastic (and extremely busy) weekend to look forward to! HSB has been organising a big charity football match to take place on Friday, on the Mogho Nabha’s personal grounds (we might even get a visit from the great man himself)! Following that, we’ll all be attending the Tigoung Nonma open day on Saturday. A wonderful opportunity for them to increase general awareness, and sell some of their products! After that, we’ll all be filing to the ‘Terrain de Rene Monory’ to watch Paralympic’s Rory play rugby for the Burkinabe national team (no idea how he managed to get involved in that)! And, of course, Sunday will be filled with a visit to the WAMDE School outside Ouaga. No one has any idea what to expect from that, but we’re told that it might well involve a good amount of delicious food, drumming and the usual Burkinabe dancing.

We’ll let you know how it goes! If we manage to survive the next few days…

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