Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 6

Hello!! All is well with the team at Djigui. This week we have achieved a lot.

Firstly, we have continued providing our English and IT lessons to our members which are going well. We are in the process of finalising some fundraising applications such as for the SIAO project (International Arts and Handicrafts Show in Ouagadougou) whilst others are still ongoing.

During the week, we bought 4 trees protectors for the trees planted in front of Djigui’s office. We installed them by deepening holes all around the trees and fixing the protector to prevent the animals from eating the leaves.

The construction of a new outdoor shelter also ended this week at Djigui. Funded by our partner USADF, the shelter will protect the women from the sun whilst carrying out the transformation of cereals into tasty Djigui treats. With the money raised from the fundraising dinner we held last week, we bought a new table, four chairs and a parasol for the kiosk.
Construction of the new outdoor shelter

Djigui members organized their first quarterly meeting of the year on Friday. This was a framework to review their quarterly activities, to present the problems and what has been done during this period and how to solve them.

 Finally, on Friday the volunteers visited three restaurants and we got an order for tokan from the vegetarian restaurant La PAMPA - We hope to get more!  

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