Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 9- Wrapping things up!

Waking up to the sound of rain hammering against the window on Monday morning, brought home the reality that the beginning of the rainy season in Burkina is here.  Whilst it was a pleasure to wake up to a cool and fresh morning, bringing about nostalgic thoughts of rainy days in the UK (who would think you could miss the UK’s awful weather!) seeing the destruction that the rain can have in Ouaga after only a few hours of rain was eye-opening. With inadequate irrigation systems put in place and cracked, solid earth unable to absorb moisture, many roads turn in to, quite literally rivers.

After wading through the rain in wellies and arriving at work, the volunteers planned what they would be getting on with during the final week of Djigui related activities, with next week being dedicated to evaluating their placement. This is the time to finish off loose-ends, finalise reports, send off last minute funding applications and tick off those final tasks on ‘to-do’ lists.  One activity that UK volunteer Sophie has been busy with is adding the final touches to her article in French and English about the double discrimination that disabled women at Djigui face, accentuating the entrepreneurial aspect of Djigui Espoir and the role of economic empowerment in alleviating poverty. With thanks to national volunteer William, the article has been forwarded to a personal contact of his at the widely read online Burkinabe newspaper ‘Le Pays’ (www.lepays.bf), we hope to hear whether it has been successfully published or not in the forth-coming weeks!  

On Wednesday, as in true Djigui style, the women were busy preparing generous helpings of delicious soya brochettes and milk to provide a warm reception for the International Programmes Director of International Service, Martin Keat. The visit was very informative, and both Djigui’s members and the volunteers got to hear about some of the exciting future projects International Service have in stall for the next 3-5 years.
Djigui give Martin Keat a tour of the newly installed equipment

To end the week, the volunteers headed to IS’s partner Tigoung Nonma, a disabled artisan’s association, for a day of eating, dancing, and buying last minute gifts at their official open day. This event marked the opening of their new headquarters in the Gounghin district, Ouagadougou after spending several years in a very small office next to another of IS’s partners, Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB). The chance to have a bigger office and a space of their own is a big step for the association, giving them greater independence and much needed space to display their products.

La journée portes ouvertes at Tigoung Nonma

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