Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week Two


This week was our second week at work and it has been quite frustrating with a lack of power which has slowed down the work we had planned as it has meant that there is less production of food and no internet for our research based activities. Despite this, we have managed to get on with a few tasks that require no power.

As part of the ICS scheme each week we have a discussion topic between all the volunteers on each project to. This week we discussed the different learning styles and the similarities between the different schooling systems here and in the UK. On Thursday Ria and I lead our second reflection topic on discrimination. We had a really interesting discussion around what we thought were the biggest issues of discrimination in each of our countries and why. These discussions have been a great way of getting to know the culture and values of both countries.

Two members of team Djigui
Some of the ICS volunteers at Djigui

Twice a week we have a language exchange where we pair up with one of the national volunteers to help our French, but also as a cultural exchange. On Thursday, it was interesting finding out about the education and health system in Burkina whilst practising my French, which I hope is improving! It also made us really appreciate the NHS as we were told that you will not be treated, if you cannot pay, even in an emergency.

Dave has started teaching his English lessons this week with some of the women at Djigui which he really enjoyed. We have also started updating the old profiles of the children in the sponsorship programme to ensure that they are up to date. Ria and I enjoyed creating and cooking our first dish of the week, 'Tandoori Tokan' .This is to help create a diverse range of dishes to sell at the Kiosk, using the ingredients that they produce here. So this week's dish used Djigui's tokan and soya yoghurt which we hope will attract more customers who want to try something different to the rice and sauce that most kiosks sell here. I enjoyed helping out in the kiosk in the mornings and cooking the traditional Burkinabe dish called 'Riz sauce Arachide' which is rice with a peanut sauce (and Tokan),

Ria helping out in the kitchen with the Plat de la semaine

Yesterday Dave and I helped in the production room when the power was back on, which involved helping to produce the sweetened soya milk and bottle it ready to sell tomorrow. It's very hot working in the room with boiling hot milk, so we have a lot of respect for the women who do that most days!

Tandoori Tokan

When we have had access to power and internet we have continued to update the social media to ensure the ongoing promotion of Djigui and the rights of disabled women in Burkina. To encourage more customers to find out where we are, we have produced a short film of how to get to Djigui from the main road ,as a lack of directions seems to be one of the obstacles in attracting customers. We hope to post this onto social media to help promote the Kiosk here.

ICS volunteers waiting at the Kiosk at Djigui!

Mariam has also come up with a plan to market Djigui's project in a better way, such as organizing the orders in a more efficient way and creating a a magazine of recipes to show potential clients how to use tokan. We have also updated the old leaflet, in French and English, to distribute around Ougadougou to advertise the kiosk. William and Dave have followed up a meeting with Savannah FM, a local radio station, who are willing to advertise Djigui next week with the hope of raising awareness of the values of Djigui, as well as attracting new clients.

Friday was a day of national mourning in Burkina due to the plane crash of the flight from Ougadougou to Algeria last week. In addition, there was a sudden death in the family of a member of staff at International Service and so out of respect we were not in work on Friday. Our thoughts are with all those affected.

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