Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello!! All is well with the team at Djigui and this week we have done a lot.

Thanks first to those who take the time to read what we are doing and understanding the association Djigui Espoir and what we are doing as ICS volunteers. This week we continued helping the women in soya production room and in transformation of local cereals. We have continued providing our English and IT lessons to our members. It has been particularly interesting for us, as volunteers, to put into practice the knowledge that we learnt at school. It’s with joy that we are seeing women making headway and use every effort to come to follow courses in spite of the long distance that they must cover to come to have their lessons. We have helped in the kiosk and we have learned together to cook Indian, British and African recipes. We want to let you know that you are all welcome to have lunch and sample our delicious dishes! We also paid a visit to the National Office of Water and Sanitation (ONEA in French), in order to talk to those in charge of catering about purchasing our products as we are looking for new clients for the association. In addition the volunteers have been much invested in updating all the child sponsorship profiles as it’s soon time for school and so the sponsorship needs to be collected.

In anticipation of our open day which is taking place on Saturday 6 of September at Djigui Espoir, we have been distributing leaflets regularly in the area, in order to let them know about the event and what will be on offer. We are doing our best to organise this event which is very important for us, as it is a chance to secure new clients and raise awareness for Djigui. Don’t hesitate to visit Djigui especially on the 6th September!!

By William Thomas Kaborè

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