Monday, August 18, 2014

Marketing, marketing, marketing!

Time has passed quickly, and we are already in our fifth week. Our activities consist of continuing with English classes and IT lessons by the volunteers, developing Djigui’s own micro-credit scheme, updating the child sponsorship profiles, helping in the kiosk and updating social media. There seems to be a good framework of work in the office.
We are about to launch the child sponsorship program next week. The profiles of the children will be available on Djigui’s website, so they can be sponsored for the school year starting in October 2014.  

This week, we went to radio station ‘Savane FM’ for a radio show. During this 15 minute slot, Djigui member Valerie and team leader Louise presented Djigui, and their activities. This slot aimed to publicise Djigui and to attract more clients to buy our products, as well as advertising our open day on the 6th September.

 We also marketed Djigui products outside the office this week around the local area, to allow people to taste our brochettes and to distribute flyers to people. This marketing aimed to present Djigui and its products, and to further publicise our open day. We have also began to organize the logistics of this event, such as getting information on how to rent chairs, tables and a marquee.


We also printed some recipes sheets because Djigui hopes to start a catering service in the future. With these recipes printed, we will market the potentiality of Djigui concerning this service during business visits. 
At the end of the week, we had a mid-term meeting with our program manager Jean-Pascal and Mrs TOE, where we discussed what had been working well, and what needed to be improved during the next 4 weeks.

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