Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 4 at Djigui


In our fourth week of working here we only worked four days because of the bank holiday on Tuesday, which was the anniversary of the independence of Burkina Faso in 1960.

On Monday at Djigui we started our different activities. Becca, William and Omar, another volunteer who visited from Ziniare, distributed flyers around Djigui in the local area whilst I created a French version of the profiles of sponsored children. After, Becca and I started putting together all of the different recipes that the different cohorts of volunteers have made, in to one brochure of dishes you can make with the products at Djigui, this is because we are hoping to start a catering service in the future and it will aid us in presenting the products to potential clients.

William and David also went to Savannah.fm to organise Djigui's radio slot on Saturday. One of Djigui's members, Valerie, will be speaking for 15 minutes about Djigui's work, how to find them, and to publicise the date of our open day in September.

It was the bank holiday on Tuesday so we spent the day outside of Ouaga with all the other volunteers. It was a very long, fun and relaxing day. There was food, drink, a football pitch and the weather was good after it rained in the morning.

Wednesday was a good and successful day at Djigui. In the morning we enjoyed Dave and Joelle’s presentation on waste and recycling in Burkina and England and we had a very interesting debate after.

Becca and Joelle were the IT teachers for the women at Djigui, whilst