Friday, August 1, 2014

Week three

We began the week on Monday, the day that proceeds the weekend. But hold your horses, this was not your run of the mill, typical Monday. No, this was a bank holiday Monday to celebrate Eid, the Muslim festival to mark the end of Ramadan. We celebrated Eid at Bintou’s house, one of the women who works at Djigui, and were made to feel very welcome by Bintou and all of her family.

Tuesday was a day of research into potential new clients, we sounded out eleven new restaurants in Ouga and hopefully this will be fruitful in terms of new customers. Mariam, William and myself will visit these potential clients next week, keen to gain fresh business. Ria and Rebecca began work on the dish of the week, ‘Couscous tagine’, which everybody agreed was delicious!!

On Wednesday, Joelle and Mariam could finally begin updating both the English and French versions of the child sponsorship scheme. Getting started on the scheme has unfortunately taken longer than we’d hoped for due to a number of problems that were out of our hands, but hopefully we will be able to press ahead and help contribute to the scheme being an unmitigated success and iron out some of the flaws that exist within it.

Thursday, we heard back from Savannah FM, who after mine and William’s meeting with them last week, have kindly agreed to allow us 15 minutes air time to advertise Djigui. Using local media is a great platform to increase exposure for the association. In particular the kiosk, which we’re confident can only benefit from more people knowing we’re here!!
The planning is well underway for the Djigui Espoir open day. The ‘tokan extravaganza’ will take place on September 6th, so plenty of time to clear your diaries! Please be aware that hook a duck will not be present, but I’m sure the day will be a success regardless. Other entertainment will be provided.

Friday, we planned our ‘Come dine with me’ event, staged by previous cohorts as a way of fundraising for Djigui. We’ve decided on curry, so watch this space!! The opportunity to visit Tigoung Nonma came during the afternoon to discuss their micro credit scheme. Serge is currently working on a pilot scheme to see whether it could be implemented at Djigui. The micro credit scheme would allow for the women to initiate independent income generating activities. Hearing how Tigoung Nonma have executed the scheme to great effect is certainly cause to believe it could be a great success for the women of Djigui.

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