Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 8 at Djigui!

Hi everyone, another week at Djigui is over and only one more to go for this cohort! As you may have heard we launched our child sponsorship scheme for this academic year at the end of last week, so if any of you lovely readers are interested or want to read more about it you can do so by following this link: www.djiguiespoir.webs.com . This week we are full steam ahead with our open day plans as it is only 5 days away!  Now that the child sponsorship scheme has been updated we are also looking into finding new sponsors. And let’s not forget our usual day to day activities.

We started the week off on Sunday this week with our host family visits. Some of the ladies at Djigui graciously accepted us into their homes for the day. The aim of the day was to experience the reality in which people here live and to experience the everyday culture in Burkina. Paired with the national volunteers we left in the morning for the day. It was definitely a valuable experience and if we as a group could describe it in 3 words we would say it was a; casual, warm and insightful day. It has helped us to understand what life here is actually like, as opposed to the experience we have had as volunteers as we are only here for 3 months.

At work on Monday the team discussed what needed to be done this week especially in regards to the open day. Dave and William continued to go on visits but now to also extend the invitation to the open day. Making everyone aware of the open day and the child sponsorship will take a key role this week and so the social media campaign has started! So keep a look out for all updates! On Tuesday Joelle, Dave and William went into the centre of town to hand out flyers to publicise our open day and reach out to different people other than those just in the immediate area. We also sent out emails to companies and associations that we have contacted or had business with in the past inviting them. We are hoping for a great turn out so spread the word! 

Although the child sponsorship scheme has been updated it hadn't been in French so Mariam and Becca began updating and uploading them in French. For every cohort a newsletter had to be produced and for our cohort the task has fallen to Dave, probably our most creative volunteer. It is composed to summarise the experience and achievements of each cohort for all members or volunteers of IS to read and catch up.
On Friday all the women came in to have a meeting in regards to the open day and its preparation. It was a lovely occasion as we got to meet more of the women who belong to the association. It was also our first big Djigui meeting. The women discussed plans for the open day especially about the food  and assigned tasks to the women and the volunteers. With almost everything planned we have a lot to do next week to make sure we are ready!

Only one week to go now! And if I haven’t mentioned it before our week next week ends with our open day which is taking place on Saturday the 6th from 10am- 6pm. See you all there!

Ria J

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