Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 9

The working week began in somewhat surprising fashion. On our arrival we discovered that the Lions cub were coming to Djigui for a meeting. The meeting went well, with the Lions club informing us of their intention to contribute significantly towards the desired cereal fund. Djigui want to purchase one year’s supply of cereal, enabling them to commit to bigger orders in the future, so it is a welcome boost for the future expansion of Djigui Espoir. Most definitely a great way to start off the week!

Much of our week was geared towards preparations for our open day, with everyone pulling together to get things ready. This came in many different forms such as working in the production room, buying the ingredients for the dishes we were going to sell, making decorations and sticking posters around the local area to advertise our event.

The open day itself, was a success. The face painting went down a storm with the local children, as well as many of the volunteers, who had the Burkina flag painted onto their faces in preparation for the match at the national stadium later that day. The efforts of everyone at Djigui made sure that the day ran smoothly and an enjoyable day was had by all. We even made a profit, which is fantastic, and testimony to the hard work of everyone involved.

As this is the last blog of Cohort 9, it seems fitting to reflect on our time both at Djigui and life in Burkina. It is fair to say that our placement has had issues to overcome during our stay but it is true of all of us who have volunteered at Djigui over the past few months that we will take something valuable away from this experience and our time in Burkina. We’ve made many new friends and learnt off those we have worked alongside during our placement, people that have significantly contributed to our experience whilst we have been here.

Overall I feel like development is a subject of great complexity. When, as a volunteer, you arrive you have clear ideas of how much and what you want to achieve. You are almost guilty, at times, of placing your own aspirations to make a change ahead of what is being asked of you. But it is important to retain a focus on the bigger picture and try to understand how much an organisation like Djigui has progressed since the days of its conception. Hopefully, as we pass the baton to cohort 10, they will be able to play a part in the growth of such a vital association as Djigui Espoir.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have read the blogs and kept up with our social media output during our stay. Also, we would like to wish all the very best to the incoming team leader Lauren and the new set of cohorts. We are sure that your experience will create many fond memories for all of you and we hope that you are able to play a significant part in the continuation and future success of Djigui Espoir.

Au Revoir from Cohort 9, David, Ria, Rebecca, Joelle.

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  1. Thanks for these blogs! And well done with the open day, it sounds as though you all did a good job.

    Au revoir.