About the Project

Djigui Espoir is an association of disabled women. Created in 1995 and officially registered in January 1996. The association has 32 members, of whom 23 are disabled.  Djigui is a well-established organisation which enjoys much consideration from most of its partners, the availability of equipment and it has an office for work. Djigui has good reputation due to the good quality of its products.

The Project and Outcomes:
The project is focussed on Empowering the Socio-economic Conditions of Disabled Women.
Women constitute more than 50% of the population but are one of the most deprived groups in Burkinabe society. They have little say in terms of rights and decision-making within their families, their communities and at social and national levels. Particularly in rural areas women do not have the right to own land, and they are significantly poorer than men. Most women in both rural and urban areas have an income-generating activity (or try to begin one), but most are unable to increase activities because of lack of financial and activity management skills and no access to financial aid or funding. Disabled people in Burkina Faso are marginalised in society due to their disabilities. Often disabled people have little opportunity to participate fully in the life of the community and their needs and interests are not very often taken into account in national or local programmes and policies. Particularly in rural areas, disabled people live in very poor conditions - according to some surveys they constitute the poorest of the poor.  Within the organisation, the women had a low level of education , they had no vocational training, they lacked professionalism in their work, there was no marketing strategy to sell product, they had no management skills, and they needed IT training to adopt new communication strategy. They were unable to develop their own advocacy plan and build a project on their own. They are physically too weak to carry out certain activities and they lack self-confidence and they need support in this regard.

Outcomes of the project will include:
a)      Disabled women at Djigui have acquired new managerial skills, their skills in marketing are improved and their skills enable the association to be more present online.

b)      Women have participated in IT training

c)       Their online presence is reinforced with the design of social media and other IT communication tools

d)      Women are aware of how to develop their own advocacy plan, they can build their own project.

e)      They are also able to do research and find partners.

f)       Djigui can easily sell its products and the women are financially autonomous.

g)      Increased participation in fairs and festivals


Action research

-          Identify possibilities of products sales.

-          Design marketing strategies

-          Design of new and more efficient communication strategies (online presence).

-          ICS volunteers help Djigui’s women to network at sub regional level.


-          ICS volunteers work with women to train them and improve their skills and share knowledge.

-          Marketing sessions

-          IT lessons for disabled women.

-          Training on hygiene.

Resource development

-          ICS volunteers work with organisations to raise funds and get them more partners.

-          Volunteers involved in the production and delivery of products.

Community infrastructure development

-          ICS volunteers help Djigui finds a piece of land to expand.

-          Help with building new houses for the association.

-          Kiosks for product sale in the centre of the city.

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